Welcome to Proactive Training

In today’s competitive market conditions, the main focus of most organisations is to achieve or maintain a healthy bottom line. Yet, managers of companies with eyes exclusively on the bottom line don’t see disaster approaching – and usually, it is customer-shaped!

At Proactive, we’re well aware that customer satisfaction is what drives our engine. We know our clients: we know people. We pride ourselves on personal relationships, on careful designing of our products, and on our uncompromising excellence in delivery.

Our customers are not customers; they are partners. From step one you are at the centre of our focus. We know your needs because we ask – we take a keen interest. We deliver what you ask carefully, quietly, efficiently – and most of all, excellently.

We are passionate about making a difference:

  • In ensuring your staff leave our training sessions with new skills and most importantly, a willingness and desire to continuously change and develop their skills
  • In improving the skills base of your Human Capital
  • In enhancing organisational effectiveness
  • In improving productivity

Proactive is not just our trade name, it is our attitude. We look forward to the opportunity of having our clients experience that attitude, so we can establish and maintain long-term business relationships, whilst working together to achieve international standards, within our client companies.

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