Our Methodology

1. Understanding our clients and their specific needs is at the core of our business values. We take great care in our pre-course diagnostic work through interviews with client management and participants where possible, through targeted questionnaires and mystery shopper exercises, where relevant, before delivering any training programme.

2. Once our trainers have analysed and understood the findings from the pre-course diagnostic work, they develop customised training materials and an effective training plan, for each course.

3. Delivering quality experiential training is another of our core business values. Our courses are not PowerPoint sessions of teaching, rather a practical and fun learning experience for each participant, through exercises, activities and relevant videos of good and bad practices.

4. Following each course, we are committed to providing our clients with a Post Training Feedback Report with summarised details of the programme delivered, including participant feedback and trainer recommendations.

5. We do not believe in just ‘getting the job’, but rather in ‘getting the job done’. However, in building and sustaining long-term relationships, we also understand that the job is never really done, where learning and development is concerned. We are constantly in touch with clients to follow-up after each training session, and always available in our pursuit to provide nothing less, than quality customer care.