Our People

Proactive is led by Richard O’Connell, Executive Director, Dr Cheryl Crosthwaite, Director – Consultancy and Training, and Nicola O’Connell, Director – Operations.

We have a team of enthusiastic trainers ready to work with you. Our training professionals enable your people to learn new skills, and empower them to take up their potential. Our training style is experiential learning, not dull theoretical sessions.

What we offer is genuine participant satisfaction, skill uptake and enhancement, and an improved ability of your staff to focus on what matters in business…all of which gives you real returns on your training investment.

A few of our growing team of trainers:

Dr Cheryl Crosthwaite – Director Consultancy & Training

Cheryl, an Australian national, holds a doctorate in leadership with her research being Managerial leadership competencies, and an MBA in International Management. Cheryl has well over 25 years’ experience in management and brings a wealth of both theoretical and practical aspects to her training. With her diverse cultural and work experience, Cheryl is able to deliver and advise on programmes that are theory and practically based, interesting, and specifically targeted to the needs of the people she is training.

Jayne Connelly – Senior Management Associate

Jayne is a U.K. national with over 25 years’ experience in management, leadership, computerized accounting, training development, leadership, coaching and training. Her unique background covering Law, Business, Finance, Sales, Management, Outdoor Adventure, Emotional Intelligence, Rescue First Aid and Systemic Thinking, brings to her training an understanding of issues facing those in the workplace today. This enables delegates to achieve peak potential from the courses she delivers.

Stephen Connelly – Senior Management Associate

Stephen is a dynamic U.K. national, with 27 years experience in management and staff training, using experiential training methods. Having worked initially in the British Military and then in Cyprus and the UAE, Stephen has a thorough understanding of the methods used by adults to acquire knowledge, develop skills and change attitudes, as well as the importance of Social Emotional skills within the business environment. Stephen’s training style is fun and interactive, and he easily adapts to ensure maximum knowledge transfer for participants on this training programmes.

Penny Hobson – Senior Management Associate

Penny is a dedicated and determined UK national, with over 20 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, Leadership & Management, Project Management, IT, Personal Development, Business English, Consulting and Training. Having worked in the US, Europe, India and the UAE, Penny is an educator and specialises in making her training environment informative, relevant and a fun learning experience for participants.