Sales & Marketing

Proactive Selling Skills - 3 Days

In this new world of business, the ability of one company to persuade its customers and prospects to buy has become more important than ever. The problem, though, is that services and products are becoming more and more similar. Why should a customer choose one service or product over another? What’s the difference between two services or products – apart from the company names? And is there any real reason why a prospect shouldn’t choose between two products or services by flipping a coin?

The selling edge that many companies are now looking for can be found in its people. People who understand the sales job, who appreciate the importance of making a great impression, and who have been trained in the skills required to ensure that they win more sales than anyone else.

The programme ensures each sales person’s skills are brought back to and maintained at their highest level. Getting back to the basics: reviewing, renewing, and previewing the changes in the environment, motivates salespeople to ‘re-equip’ themselves to succeed and prosper in their chosen profession. The programme challenges each delegate to see that ‘change’ creates opportunities for even greater success. Whether it be their company, their industry, the world economy, changing buyer expectations, or even the technology driven (‘social media’) revolution, this programme inspires not just acceptance; it inspires the drive to gain ‘market mastery’ by understanding the customer’s needs and making the most of opportunities.

Captivating Presentations - 3 Days

When asked in a survey, it was revealed that Public Speaking was more feared than death itself. It is possible to develop your skills so that you not only control the fear, but also deliver an interesting and engaging presentation, leaving the audience wanting more. And yet, how many times have you had to ‘endure’ presentations that are hard to understand, have no benefit to you and did not deliver what you wanted? Whether your presentation is to an individual or a large group, you will need to prepare the outline carefully in order to successfully get your message across to the audience.

This course will introduce some of the key steps and a concept that can be adapted to suit a variety of presentation needs. A set of tools and techniques will guide you in planning and designing your presentation and then prepare you for the delivery, and avoid the common pitfalls that make the difference between a dynamic and meaningful presentation rather than a dull and boring one.

Advanced Presentation Skills - 2 Days

Once participants have attended the Captivating Presentations training and had an opportunity to actually deliver presentations, they will come to understand that there is more that can be done to get that ‘edge’, when it comes to really engaging and captivating any audience. Presenters need to appear confident and competent if they want to ‘hold’ attention.

It’s not enough to ‘know’ how to deliver, Presenters need to be coached and identify how they can ‘fine-tune’ what they are already doing. This workshop coaches participants to take it to the next level and leads them on a journey of discovery that culminates in a fun but important team challenge to be the best.

Negotiation Skills - 2 Days

Every day we are surrounded by negotiating opportunities. Whether dealing with an important contract at work, asking the boss for a pay rise or just trying to get our children to go to bed, these are all potential negotiations. The fact is that most of us regularly negotiate without even realizing, we are doing it. That does not mean we are always effective negotiators, rather we can sometimes fare very poorly. Fortunately, negotiation is a skill that we can improve by understanding and practising the processes involved. This workshop will give participants an understanding of the phases of negotiation, tools to use during a negotiation, and ways to build ‘win-win’ solutions for all those involved.

Achieving Telephone Sales - 1 Day

The telephone has become a critical tool in obtaining sales in today’s competitive market, and yet it is often an area we pay little attention to and consequently it becomes a negative aspect of our business rather than the highly positive one, that it can be. This session sets out to enable you to sell effectively over the phone. The tools that we cover will help generate sales and whether you are dealing with inbound or outbound calls, you will find that if you apply the techniques from this session, your success rate will increase immensely.