Here is what a few of our clients and delegates had to say, about our trainers and Proactive Training:

We enjoy working with Proactive Training. They are able to swiftly design tailor-made courses of any type and complexity; their coaches are smart and professional. We do highly appreciate Proactive Training’s flexibility and attentive service.
- Training & QA Manager – Construction Industry

Course was refreshing and will definitely help to approach customers with a new outlook.
- Customer-focused Selling

The trainer was excellent. She is a fantastic mentor and very articulate and detailed. One of the best I have seen.
- Advanced Presentation Skills

“Within allotted time, trainer explained all nicely and will really help in interpersonal relations

- ‘In-House’ Interpersonal Communication Skills

“The course is very informative and can change your approach, seeing things in broader perspective.”

- Interpersonal Skills

“The mode of presentation is excellent, by way of involving participants in exercising the concept, rather than just presentation.”

- Proactive Supervisory Skills

“Dr Cheryl’s training program was excellent and very well organised. One of the best programs attended so far.”

- ‘In-House’ Supervisory Development Programme

“Trainer is very excellent and we learned a lot. Overall it exceeded my expectations. KUDOS to the trainer!”

- Retail Sales

“Very good trainer… You’ll not feel shy to interact with the conversation of the topic.”

- Customer Service

“The course structure had a great combination of activities and learning objectives, that allowed us to take the most out of it. I recommend others to attend.”

- Decision Making & Entrepreneurship

“It was one of the most excellent courses I have attended. Variety of activities which helped me a lot in connecting the needed skills to perform better in my work.”

- Leadership & Decision Making

“Course structure encouraged participants to improve. Critical review of two additional instructors from Proactive Training added value to the course.”

- ‘In-House’ Advanced Presentation Skills

“Great course, helps in different skills, time management, planning, problem solving and having the self esteem.”

- Quality Orientation & Accuracy

“I have learned some new aspects about quality and accuracy on the course and it will assist me in making my work better. Trainers were excellent and kept the proceeding very interactive.”

- Quality Orientation & Accuracy

“Absolutely excellent! Thank you Jayne and Stephen for such a wonderful course you gave me.”

- Quality Orientation & Accuracy

“The course was very informative and the attitude of the trainers was very positive.”

- Quality Orientation & Accuracy

“The trainer was so excellent and everything was perfect and the methods and ways were easy to understand.”

- Communication Skills

“In the beginning I was afraid to come and do a presentation. But I got the motivation from our trainer.”

- Presentation Skills

“I like the course material provided. The course will help presenter to provide technical training in more effective way in our professional life.”

- Presentation Skills

“Really enjoyed the training. Excellent trainer, it was easy to understand and to remember everything what has been covered during the training.”

- Presentation Skills

“An excellent course that I ever join. Was very useful and improved my knowledge.”

- ‘In-House’ Supervisory Development in Jakarta – Indonesia

“Thank you, because I learned a lot of things in 2 days. I can do much better now because I have the confidence.”

- Retail Sales

“Useful for both technical and non-technical areas. Well done! It definitely enhanced my managerial capabilities.”

- Effective Coaching

“Gave me good points and views for Self-Introspection and understanding other’s view-points.”

- ‘In-House’ Supervisory Development Programme

“Nicely conducted. Very effective for handling the jobs in our company.”

- Assertiveness Skills

“Programme was excellent and gave a real thought about my work nature/practices. Lot of thinking. The training outside the office was very good.”

- ‘In-House’ Management Development Programme

“Excellent training. I enjoyed and learned a lot of new stuff that will be implemented not only in my future presentations but also in my daily life.”

- Presentation Skills